Gift Aid

We collect Gift Aid on all the donations we receive that qualify.

Our associated firm, Cleaford Services Ltd, has developed an easy to use software package to ease the administration of Gift Aid.  Know as GATS - Gift Aid Tax Software, it is now in use by over 100 UK charities and churches.

Gift Aid is basically a simple scheme, whereby the HMRC will repay to the charity the tax that has been paid by a donor (usually as part of their income tax) on any donation they make to the charity.  In practice, this gives the charity an extra 25p for every 1 the receive in qualifying donations.

The trick is to keep the charity’s administration as simple as possible, as this makes it viable to recover tax on even the smallest gifts.

If you are involved with a church or charity, and don’t have a system for collecting Gift Aid easily, you may be interested in the details of our software, which can be found at the GATS website.

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