Church Planting

There is a fairly clear pattern to the development of evangelism in the villages of Transylvania with which we work.

  • 1. A development plan puts villages into geographical groups that could be pastored by one man.
  • 2. Villagers will be invited to an initial meeting in the ‘Cultural House’ (equivalent to a British village hall). Sometimes a group of young people from another church will run an evangelistic programme in the village for a week of the summer holidays.
  • 3. A group will be formed, normally meeting in a private home, as regular use of the cultural house can sometimes be difficult.
  • 4. A local leader may emerge, helped by visits from one of the ministers in the wider area.
  • 5. A children’s group may be started, meeting on a weekday evening, either run, or at least supervised, by a pastor’s wife from the area.
  • 6. Either the adult and children’s groups outgrow the home where they are meeting, or the present meeting place ceases to be available.
  • 7. A building in a suitable location in the village is sought, for conversion to a church.  An alternative is to find a piece of land on which a church can be built free of charge under the American ‘standard chapels’ project.
  • 8. A full time pastor is invited to take charge of the group of villages defined at stage 1.
  • 9.  A little more funding may be required once the church building is ready, for chairs, heating, etc.

The Cleaford Christian Trust has been able to fund one of these projects each year, on average.  We have either bought an existing house, or houses on the same plot, or we have bought a plot large enough to take a ‘standard chapel’.

If you, or your church or group, would like to get involved in one of these exciting village church developments please get in touch with us by clicking here.  There are always villages on the list waiting for help - this is a part of the world where the church is growing as fast as the leadership can manage.

Please see our Allowances page also - one of the problems is finding the financial support for the pastors to lead all these new churches.

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